March Monthly Challenge

Spring is in the air…..ahhh, for us Upper Midwesterners that means warmer temperatures leading to the possibility of outdoor workouts. I am a happy man!
You have challenged the last two months with some nutritional tips to help you fuel your “engine” better. Nutrition is extremely important to perform at your best…along with performing your best is staying injury-free. How do you stay injury-free? If I could solve that question I would have figured it out for myself first.
Several things lead to injuries; over-training, accidents, new activity (like shoveling snow), etc. In a lot of injured athletes the common denominator is a lack of flexibility. I know, I know, you say “I don’t have time to stretch”. Well, you will have plenty of time to stretch when you visit a physical therapist. So, in keeping it simple, let’s start small, how about 5 easy stretches that take a total of 4 minutes. Practice these five stretches post-workout and let’s see how you feel…..
Good luck!
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About coachloran

Loran Storts has coached athletes ages 5 to 65. He has worked with a spectrum of ability levels including first-time runners, “newbie” triathletes, Leadville 100 mile trail runners, and Kona Ironman qualifiers. Coach Loran also works one-on-one with all levels of individuals to help them accomplish their personal fitness goals. He helped coach the Dowling High School boys cross country team for three seasons and now is the Head Coach for the Dowling Middle School Cross Country team. An accomplished athlete himself, Coach Loran is a Drake Relays champion, six-time NCAA national qualifier in Track & Cross Country, eight-time Ironman finisher, Heart of America Triathlon Series Overall champion and World 70.3 Triathlon Championship qualifier. He teaches cycling and other fitness classes across the Des Moines metro area. Coach Loran holds coaching certificates from the state of Iowa and the Iowa High School Athletic Union. Loran is a proud member of USA Triathlon, USA Cycling and USA Track and Field. Originally from Clinton, Iowa Loran grew up as a “River King” before heading off to be a “Norseman” for Luther College. Loran resides in Clive, IA with his wife Jenny, daughters Samantha & Libby, and son Noah. In addition to his “on-field” accomplishments, Coach Loran is proud to prioritize his life by Faith, Family, Friends, Finances (work), and Fun (hobbies). Coach Loran, powered by RO 5:3-5

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